We apologize that you are having difficulty completing our survey! Listed below are some frequently asked questions that should help.

Q: What does it mean when the study has been completed?

A: If you have received this message it means the study is no longer active. Once we have reached the end of the study, we can no longer accept responses.

Q: My login and/or password wonít work. What should I do?

A: Please reference your e-mail invitation and make sure you are using the login and password listed in the e-mail. Only this login/password combination will give you access to the survey.

Q: I can access the survey but I canít display any of the pages. What is causing this problem?

A: Some browsers are not compatible with our survey software. Weíre sorry you werenít able to complete our survey this time. We are continually refining our technology and trying to make our software compatible with as many browsers as possible. Please try again the next time you receive an invitation from Convergys!

Q: Who takes care of any outstanding issues I still have?

A: Your input as a customer is very important to Convergys and our clients. However, Convergys is representing the client and does not deal directly with specific client issues, (i.e. billing, customer service, products shipped or ordered etc.). For any of these issues, you will need to contact the client's customer care department.

Q: On every new screen I get a message that reads "You are about to view this page via a secure connection." Why is this being displayed?

A: This is due to your internet connection settings, not the survey itself. You can ignore the message as it has no impact on your ability to complete the survey. Once you have completed the survey, just submit it following the instructions provided.

Q: I received an error message when I ended my survey. What should I do?

A: Usually this is due to a very lengthy survey completion time, which occurs when people step away from the survey for some period of time. Despite this error message, however, we should have received your data so there is no reason for concern. Thanks for participating!

Q: I donít want to participate in surveys like this one. How can I let you know I donít want to receive any more?

A: Your input as a customer is very important to Convergys and our clients. However, if you wish to be excluded from future on-line research with Convergys, please click on the link below and enter your e-mail address, and press submit to be removed from our database.




Thank you again for your participation! We value your opinions.